our lightly sweetened seasonal fruit danish

our lightly sweetened seasonal fruit danish

The Bread

We’re proud of our whole grain sourdough loaves! These breads have very simple ingredients (flour, water, salt, starter), but intricate techniques. They’re good for your gut health!

We believe that people’s problems digesting bread stem from three primary issues.

The first is the way modern wheat is grown. Modern wheat has been cross bred a number of times altering the wheat to produce higher yields and to be resistant to pesticides. We use a number of different certified organic sources including Oak Manor for many of our grains and white flour.

The second comes from using a naturally fermented sourdough. When our dough rests overnight, hard to digest gluten is broken down. The proteins in gluten are transformed into peptides and amino acids. Starches from the grain are also eaten up by the sour cultures in a process called pre-digestion. All of these processes make these breads super easy to eat. :)

The third is our high hydration doughs! One of the primary differences between mass produced bread in north america and traditional European bread is the amount of liquid in the mixes. North American style bread typically has a lower water to flour content and higher in sugars and oils. This means that the components of a wheat kernel are less hydrated.

A common complaint from these North American style white breads, is that people feel a heaviness or bloating in their stomach, leading them to believe that they are gluten intolerant. This feeling is produced because of the low hydration, When there is less H20 in a bread, it pulls moisture out of your stomach (causing bloating). Because we don’t sift our milled flours, a higher water content is also necessary to hydrate the bran. Our breads are easy to digest while also satisfying your cravings!